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At donaldtrumplovesrussia.com we hope to provide our users with an outlet to find news regarding President Trump, and the opportunity to express their feelings. We, like you, are concerned about the future of our country: especially when that future is being shaped by none other than Donald J. Trump. We worry that he could have ties to Russia and we will try to present the evidence here on the website to prove that connection. Our site in collaboration with our Twitter account, DTLR_com, will stop at nothing to expose as many people to the truth about our President. Although we are facing a daunting task, if we rally together and explain to friends, family, and co-workers the situation, maybe we can make a difference. We have also started a Satire page with fake news stories for our readers enjoyment. Please do not think these stories are real. If you need to reach us please feel to use the contact us button.