Donald Trump Sells America to the Devil for a Golden Fiddle

March 31, 2017

Moe Siq - Editor

Trump Violin

WASHINGTON – In Trump’s desperate attempt to remain a winner, he has sold America to the Devil. In return, he received a golden fiddle. Pictured is the President boasting to the media about his deal making prowess. He had this to say.

“The Devil. The Devil really thought he could pull one over on ol’ Don, but I’m the best deal maker there has every been. Negotiations were tough. The Devil opened up his briefcase, and said “I’ll start the show.” His asking price was tough, as fire flew from his fingertips. I told him he was pretty good. He sat down and I stood up, to show him how it’s done.”

Trump continues.

“I made my case for a solid hour. At the end, the Devil knew he had been beat. He bowed his head as I demanded a golden fiddle to solve America’s economic strife. In return, I gave him all of the souls of Hillary supporters. My deal with the Devil really works. It works so great it will be the greatest deal of all time – no question. The Devil steals the souls of my political enemies. This works great for me. What better way to “LOCK HER UP?" America receives a giant golden fiddle paying our budget deficit. It is the perfect deal. Amazing isn’t it. Just amazing."

Will we ever escape the hands of the Devil now that Trump has made a deal? We do not know. However, we have heard that while going through Hell, you just have to keep on going.

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