Trump Orders Construction of Huge Robot to Guard Border Wall

March 26, 2017

Rob Botty - Editor

Trump Image

WASHINGTON - When asked about how America planned to patrol the massive border wall President Trump proclaimed.

"I will use YUGE robots! They will be bigly. You know, ten stories high. Watch me. I"ll do it. They will be the most amazing robots ever. You can trust me. I know robots."

When asked about how the robots would be controlled.

"The wall will be made of 24 karat gold. Every mile there will by giant TRUMP letters viewable from space. In these yuge letters we will install controllers for the robots."

When asked how America was to pay for the robots Trump said.

"We have a yuge trade problem with Chyana. To settle our differences they are going to help with our security. They will build our robots, and pay for them. They will be fantastic robots. I am a fantastic deal maker. It will be a... fantastic deal.

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