Trump Threatens Congress in attempt to Pass AHCA

March 21, 2017

Ben (You-don't-scare-me) Wasznilik - Editor

WASHINGTON - Trump is on record threatening republican congressmen and congresswomen if they do not vote for Paul Ryan and his health-care bill they will not win re-election. What is little known are these other threats he made.

Trump Image
  1. No more free soda in the senate cafeteria.
  2. Small rolling computer chairs will replace the large plush ones in the senate hall.
  3. No golfing trips with the President to Mar-a-lago.
  4. No option to buy the White House staffer calender featuring Sean Spicer.
  5. All the furniture in your office will be removed.
  6. Will be required to call Trump "His Holiness" and bow every time they see the President.
  7. Will write on the oval office chalkboard, "I will not disobey our supreme leader ever again" 5000 times.

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