Donald Trump is Attracted to German Chancellor Merkel

March 19, 2017

Larry Lovely - Editor

At first, we could not believe Trump was capable of having feelings for an intellectual women, let alone a female as smart and powerful as German Chancellor Merkel. However, as we were looking at the photos of the two together in the White House it became painfully clear. Trump loves Ms. Merkel. In the pictures below we will explain how we know this to be true.

Trump welcomes Merkel

In this picture Trump is unaware of the publics cameras and is happy to greet Chancellor Merkel. There is no shyness or bashfullness. Trump is at ease with his German friend. We would take it as far as to say he is pleased she is there.

Trump Merkel Oval Office Photo Shoot

Now that Trump is faced with a room of reporters the shy little boy comes out. He can't look at Merkel and he can't look at the cameras. When we saw this picture we knew that Trump was crushing on Chancellor Merkel like a third grade boy who just discovered girls don't have cuties. Angela Merkel, on the other hand, doesn't look like she is into Trump. Why would she, a strong independent woman, be attracted to a shy little boy?

Trump shakes Merkel's hand at press conference

A few hours later Trump has recovered from his shyness, touching his love with a friendly, but what he hopes is a sultry handshake. The Don has got his game back and Merkel is impressed.

Trump checking out Merkel

Finally, we present the coup d'etat of photos. Trump has resisted checking out Merkel's body all day long, but can resist no longer. As she speaks into the microphone Trumps eyes are running over her body like a ravenous bird-of-prey.

In conclusion, these photos of Trump are strong evidence for his affection for Merkel. If we add Trump's playful negative campaign rhetoric regarding Merkel, looking at it from the perspective of elementary school love, we see the obvious crush Trump has on Merkel. To keep up to date on this story and others like it, please like, follow, and share us on Facebook and Twitter.