Trump Forgets Campaign Slogan at 100th Day Rally

May 1, 2017

Chuck Servative

Trump 100 day rally

WASHINGTON - Donald Trump's first 100 days of office have been memorable for many things; but apparently not his campaign slogan.

Early Saturday, at a scheduled rally event in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump was addressing the crowd with his candid personality when he fumbled his words as he tried to restate his now famous campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

"Have we done it or what? We set out to make America-no, to make the United States-wait, to make America...Undistinguished Again; and look where we are now. Red, white, and blue as far as the eye can see." President Trump said with smug pride over his use of a four syllable word.

The crowd roared with thunderous approval and attempted to chant the President's new phrase in unison to no success as the President smiled and waved to a sound likened to inarticulate kindergartners. Soon after, the Donald's red "Make America Great Again" cap fell off of his head and as he slowly picked it up, he gave a bewildered look and stuttered "No wait, that's not right, that's not right. Folks, you have been mistaken."

"Back when we started this mission, we had a mission to Make America Somewhat Tolerable for the First Time, and we did it! Before I was elected, for which, I am very grateful, we lived in a nation of so-so people who wanted nothing more than to make "healthy" and green-based baby food that would turn your kids into sexually confused vegans. Now, we live in a beautiful country where we aren't taxed if you're great. And that's all you have to do to avoid taxes-be great."

The crowd cheered and began chanting "Make America Great Again," however, the Donald was not catching on.

"Make KFC great again, folks," said the President as he moved off the stage walking underneath his "Make America Great Again" banner.

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