BREAKING News: Donald Trump Bans Blacks from the White House

March 14, 2017

Ray Cist - Jr. Editor

Donald Trump Image

In response to recent microwave spying efforts of the Obama administration Donald Trump has declared that no black person shall enter the white house. Sean Spicer had this to say during the White House press briefing.

“It really was a no brainer. We know all black people know and love Obama, and would do anything to help him bring down this administration. To prevent further leaks of information we did the only thing we could. Now that the White House is safe from attacks from Barrack we can get back to our White House white hood poker games.”

When asked about being banned, Housing and Urban Development Secretory Ben Carson, expressed confusion.

“How can I be banned? I’m white!”

Clearly the HUD secretory has spent too many years in the life of luxury and not in the urban communities he now runs. For up to date information on this breaking story, please like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.