BREAKING: Sean Spicers Reply on Working for a Fascist

March 13, 2017

Hugh Monay - Editor in Chief

Spicer Image

Early today we heard news of a womans impromptu Apple store interview of Press Secretary Spicer. To hear the whole story we reached out to her. She had this to say.

"Yesterday I was walking my dog around the park when he saw a squirrel. He took off in pursuit giving me a good jerk and I dropped my Iphone, the screen shattered. What do I do? Of course I go to the Apple store and low and behold there is Sean Spicer. I knew I just had to ask him what it was like to be working for a fascist."

Here is Spicer's reply.

"It is really great. The big man, as we like to call him, gives us casual Friday, and spaghetti Tuesday on Wednesday. On top of all that, its amazing to know that when the country succumbs to our control, I will be a very important leader in this country. I think my title should be supreme regent spicy. The only down side is having to deal with the imbeciles that call themselves the "free" press. Lets be honest, we all know you can only get the truth from myself and the President."