Hidden in the Budget: Plan to Build Trump and Melania a Burial Pyramid on the National Mall

March 18, 2017

Harry Balsonya - Editor

WASHINGTON - Reading through the President’s budget report we found one line in the Housing and Urban Development Portion that was eerie. “Provide $31 Billion in funding for the construction of a giant burial pyramid on the National Mall. This will be used as the final resting place for Donald J. Trump and wife Melania Trump. Location schematics will be provided in future documents.” Below we have attached a portion of this document highlighting the budget proposal.

HUD document

Below is the image with the proposed pyramid location.

Donald Trump Image

Upon questioning, President Trump had this to say, “I will be the greatest President of all time. No doubt. I need a monument that will rival Washington’s and Lincoln’s on the mall. After I pass, and Melania commits ritual suicide to join me in the afterlife, our bodies will be placed in the 24 karat golden pyramid. During every Presidential inauguration after that, my body will be present to remind the new president of my awesomeness, and to keep America great. I worked hard to make America great again and no one should forget that.

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