Preet Bharara Fired for Leaking Information

March 11, 2017

Tara Truther - Editor

Preet Bharara Image

In an attempt to enlighten the American people Attorney General Preet Bharara was fired yesterday from the Trump Administration. In a statement minutes after leaving the oval office, his pink slip still in hand, Bharara had this to say, “Donald J. Trump is a bad hombre. Fox news and he are working together to hide his involvement with Russia. I found the evidence, and was shocked. I didn’t know how best to proceed and I pondered on what to do for a good couple of hours. In the end, I decided to give the information to websites like The NewYorker State or the Onion. They agreed it was vital to our national security to distribute it, but the big bad Don caught me before they could publish. Walking out of the White House I heard President Trump on the phone with the CIA. He was telling the CIA agent in charge to blackmail The New Yorker State by threatening to take the editors to a black site in Zimbabwe.” Bharara finished his interview stating, “rest assured people of America. Although I am no longer three doors down from Trump, I know the truth and my investigation will continue. I think I will start with a visit to Trump Hotel in Sochi Russia. I hear the ski slopes there are amazing this time of year.”