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Plausible Deniability - Trump's Get Out of Jail Free Card

May 18, 2017

trump plausible deniability

President Trump must be a House of Cards fan. In the season 4 finale President Underwood, needing a public opinion pick-me-up, decided to take the country to war. Trump pulled the same type of stunt a few months ago when he bombed Syria.

Why was Trump needing this diversion. He was taking slack for accusing the Obama administration of "tapping" his phones without any evidence.

Time and again similar situations to the ones described have occurred with Trump. The most serious of these events regard Trump's collusion with Russia. We have all seen the countless stories connecting the administration to Russia, but Trump will never be impeached because of his collusion.

Why? Just like in House of Cards when Underwood needs to distance himself from a devious plot he has Doug do it. This provides Underwood with plausible deniability.

Besides Trump explicitly telling Russia to hack Hillary's servers, we have no evidence of direct communication between the Kremlin and he. Instead, we have Flynn, Sessions, and various other Trump administration staff talking with Russia.

When the evidence shows that these individuals did collude with Russia on behalf of electing Trump, Trump can say I never told them to contact Russia, that he was focused on giving speeches, and they all acted on their own when they saw the opportunity - Russia clearly already had a favorite in the election anyway.

Sure one can say Trump was in charge, but politics will win. The House and Senate are controlled by Republicans who are more interested in pushing their twisted agenda than putting country first. Pence will be the scapegoat in congress as he was the one directly overseeing Flynn.

Given everything, there is still a way to impeach Trump. Of course we are referring to the recent firing of FBI director Jim Comey, and his supposed memo's of Trump conversations. These, paired with Trump's veiled Twitter threat that he may have "tapes" of conversations with Comey, paint a sour picture that Trump does not have plausible deniability of.

Comey's memos tell a story of Trump actively trying to impede a federal investigation. He asked for favors to make accusations go away that he did not like because "Flynn is a good guy." I'm sorry Mr. President, but in our country we don't go easy on traitors.

What we do, we prosecute them and anyone connected to the fullest extent of the law. Mr. President you may have plausible deniability on collusion with Russia, but you are not immune to your own arrogance.

These conversations between the President and former FBI director are the best chance for a Trump impeachment. It is the proverbial "smoking gun." We have him with his foot in his mouth committing a federal offense.

In conclusion, the American people have seen Trump's tricks, how he manipulates the facts, throws up smoke screens, and we now have hard evidence. Winter is coming, and Trump is public enemy number one.

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