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Breaking Down Trump's 2005 Tax Returns

March 15, 2017

Rachel Maddow

On MSNBC last night, Rachel Maddow revealed two pages of Trump's 2005 tax returns. What did we learn - not much. The only valuable information obtained from the pages: Trump paid slightly less in taxes than the tax rate for his income bracket at the time. Boring. What we need to see is the ENTIRE return allowing the American people to see where Trump's income sources are. Until the return is made fully public we can only speculate on the contents.

Shifting gears a bit, lets talk about the timing of this release. Trump has been taking heat on Russia, and for allegations the Obama administration tried, and possible still is, spying on Trump. We have seen in the past month several times when Trump has brought up stories to deflect attention from the real questions. For example, he brought up the wiretapping scandal to hide the announcement of Trumpcare. Given Trump's previous precedents, would it be too far of a stretch to say he leaked his own tax documents. After all, what we saw was only a small glimpse into Trumps income and was frankly uninteresting. Furthermore, he selected a journalist of little prestige to get the documents, so that he could go onto Twitter later, and demean the journalism.

On one hand, if people believe the Maddow report it's a boring statement that takes credibility aways from the lefts fight for the truth on Russia. If people don't believe the statement Trump can use his platform to further degrade the media as "fake." Of course, we know what we are saying is conjecture. However, with the timing and Trump's history shouldn't we at least consider the possibility? Would it be un-American to not ask these tough questions? We will leave that decision up to you. Please send us your thoughts on the forum.