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Blaming Obama: A Convenient Diversion From Russia

March 4, 2017

Donald J Trump, the 45th president of our great nation cannot resist the temptations of Twitter.

I honestly believed that Trump was turning a new corner during his speech to congress. He sounded presidential, and made statements that could be seen as threads to suture the divide in the country. It was too good to be true. Twitter has proven once again that President Trump is a loose cannon, more worried about making headlines than actually doing anything. Maybe if he would read ‘real’ news we would not have these twitter tantrums, but he watches Breitbart and other right leaning propaganda machines. The article that Trump went off on this morning, was actually a Breitbart piece about a radio host that thought there was a silent Obama plot to tap Trump at Trump Tower. Our orange Russia loving President took this as a sign that someone was plotting against him and lashed out. We should note, however, that the timing of this "Obama Scandal" is convenient. Democrats were enraged by the Jeff Sessions Russia connection, but now our voices are being drowned out by the small but loud pro-Trump movement. Even if our voices abroad are dampened by Trump's skillful maneuvers, Trump's connection to Russia will not be forgotten on this website, and we will continue the fight. Please let us know your thoughts on the forum.