Trump and the GOP in Review: an Examination of Policy

Recent GOP and Trump Shenanigans We Decided to Comment On

Socialism or Nationalism: The Greater Evil

Trump Hitler Nationalist

The Nazi's were a socialist and nationalist party. Which element led to the Holocaust? Why should we be worried about it in today's America?

Plausible Deniability - Trump's Get Out of Jail Free Card

trump plausible deniability

Besides Trump explicitly telling Russia to hack Hillary's servers, we have no evidence of direct communication between the Kremlin and he.

Why Elected Republicans Are Out of Touch

When told the negatives of repealing The Affordable Care Act nearly 77% of people respond to not repeal. Yet, Republicans are Hell bent on keeping their campaign promise of repealing the law. Therefor we must ask ourselves, why are Republicans elected even though their ideals don’t align with their constituents...

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