BEWARE of Donald Trump

With the recent election of Donald J. Trump, the time has come for American's to ask, does President Trump love Russia more than The United States? Our soul mission - expose President Trump for being a Russian loving communist.

James Comey Fired as FBI Director; Jared Kushner to Take Over

Trump 100 Day rally

The Donald, who always has a plan, has appointed Jared Kushner, his son in law, to be the new FBI director. Click here to read more. (SATIRE)

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Socialism or Nationalism: The Greater Evil

Trump Hitler Nationalist

The Nazi's were a socialist and nationalist party. Which element led to the Holocaust? Why should we be worried about it in today's America?

Plausible Deniability - Trump's Get Out of Jail Free Card

trump plausible deniability

Why Elected Republicans Are Out of Touch

The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump: A Guide to Why and How

Breaking Down Trump’s 2005 Tax Returns


Scott Pruitt Releases Tips to Combat Global Warming on Earth Day

Pruitt EPA

In honor of Earth Day 2017, Scott Pruitt, current head of the Environmental Protection Agency, has released a helpful list of tips for Americans who are interested in helping the environment.

Trump Taunts Public - Turns 2016 Tax Return Into Paper Hat

Trump Tax Return Hat

Sean Spicer - Not Your Average or Sub-Average Historian

Trump University Declared Winner of NCAA Tournament in Late Decision

Donald Trump Sells America to the Devil for a Golden Fiddle

Trump to Build New White House on New York’s Central Park